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With our streamlined experience for digitizing and integrating your products with your webshop, you can easily create a more engaging and informative shopping experience for your customers, which increases conversion rates and better sales numbers
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Why Baetes?
High product return rates and low conversion rates are usually because of poor product presentation. With our 3D viewer your customers can engage and experience every single detail of your products. They can rotate, zoom in, and find out all the information they need to make an informative buying decision.
Fewer Returns
Decrease returns by giving more detailed product information that can't be achieved by regular 2D images.
Sales Conversions
Our streamlined system takes your sales conversion to the next level.
Customer Engagement
Increase the customer engagement on your site through innovative ideas that align with the vision of your brand.
We 3D Scan Your Products
We use our specially developed 3D scanning techniques to create photorealistic 3D models of your products. Our 3D products can be experienced so closely that you can see the exact texture, you can rotate it so you dont miss a single detail, and almost feel the product as if you were holding it in your hand
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Display Your Products In a New Way
Our solutions create a brand new shopping experience that lets your customers get all the information they need in a fast, efficient, and intuitive way. We transorm your e-commerce to v-commerce - virtual commerce - and make sure that your customers get all the information they need to make an informed buying decision
Cross-platform & Quick Integration
Our quick solution can be placed on any website and works on every browser and davice, whether that's mobile, computer, or tablet. Our tech platform is built for fast loading times and we ensure that we generate and maintain the highest quality 3D models for our clients. Our integration services and documentation provides you with a seamless process to integrate our 3D viewer into your existing product page so your customers can experience your products in full detail with minimal effort to you.
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